Effective activism for the ocean

Campaign successes


people supported our campaign to end the hunting of dolphins and small whales


people supported our campaign to stop the slaughter of dolphins in EU waters


people supported our campaign to protect bluefin tuna in UK waters

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Marine conservation news

Marine life is wildlife

By Spencer Roberts. Beneath a raging storm in the Gulf of Mexico, among the creaking oil platforms, a magnificent creature is born. Hatching at just 3.5 millimeters in length , the small fry may appear at the bottom of the food chain, but she is a predator.

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No Planet B

Effective activism for marine conservation

Fish are first and foremost wildlife. Marine animals and their habitats have never been afforded the same protection as the terrestrial environment. That has to change. We will not accept that seventy-one percent of our planet is left to the stewardship of organisations that profit from its destruction.

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