John Hourston Founder

John has a lifelong passion for the ocean. With roots in a small fishing village in Scotland he has seen first-hand the huge decline in the health of the marine environment. After a career in publishing he decided to take action and founded Blue Planet Society in 2001.

Lloyd Gofton Operations Director

Lloyd is unwilling to allow the destruction of the marine ecosystem to continue. He brings over 20 years of experience in business, communications and international campaigning to Blue Planet Society where his focus is on building the structure to enable our activist community to take action.

Deborah is the founder of Sea No Plastic and was a pioneer of the plastic-free movement. A waste-free, animal welfare and plant-based food specialist, Deborah brings with her a wealth of knowledge about living ethically and sustainably.

Lewis is an endurance swimmer, ocean advocate, public speaker and UN Patron of the Oceans. He is the first person to complete a long-distance swim in every ocean of the world and he frequently swims in vulnerable ecosystems to draw attention to their plight.

He left his maritime law practise in 2003 to campaign full-time for the protection of the oceans. Lewis was appointed as the first UN Patron of the Oceans in 2013 and often addresses heads of state and business leaders on the topics of climate change, overfishing, pollution and the need for Marine Protected Areas and low carbon economies.

Dr Richard Kirby Science Advisor 

Richard is an independent scientist, marine guide, filmaker, author and public speaker. He has created plankton exhibitions around the world, worked with international fashion designers and founded the global, citizen science Secchi Disk study.

As a former Royal Society university research fellow, trained in molecular biology, Richard studies marine plankton, their ecology, especially in regard to the food web and how we influence it. This covers everything from climate change to fishing and plastic pollution.