Skipjack tuna and bycatch caught in the net of the Ecuadorean purse seiner ‘Ingalapagos’, which was documented fishing on a fish aggregation device (FAD) by Greenpeace in the vicinity of the northern Galapagos Islands. Bycatch included; juvenile bigeye tuna, juvenile yellowfin tuna, black marlin, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, triggerfish, mahi mahi, Green turtle and Olive Ridley turtle. Around 10% of the catch generated by purse seine FAD fisheries is unwanted bycatch and includes endangered species of sharks and turtles. The catch of large amounts of juvenile bigeye and yellowfin tunas in these fisheries is now threatening the survival of these commercially valuable species. Greenpeace is calling for a total ban on the use of fish aggregation devices in purse seining and the establishment of a global network of marine reserves.
LAT 04:07 NORTH / LONG 091:28 WEST

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